“Hannya” Copper Paracord Lanyard Bead



Boka KLB-1-C “Hannya” (般若) Handcrafted Japanese Demon Skull Mask Lanyard Paracord Bead in Copper

Applications :
Tactical Knife Lanyards, Zipper Pulls, Flashlight Lanyards,
Pace / Ranger Beads, Pendant for Necklaces or Bracelets,
Jewelry, DIY Projects

Condition : New and Handcrafted
Material : Copper

Dimensions :
• Bead Diameter (Approx)
Vertical Overall : 0.889″ (2.25 Cm.)
Horizontal : Skull 0.552″ (1.4 Cm.)
Center Hole Diameter : 7 Mm.
• Weight : 5 Grams or 0.2 Oz.(Approx)

Remark : Knife and Paracord not included.


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