SH-2-N Solid Nickel-Silver Skull Swivel Trigger Snap Hook



Boka SH-2-N Skull Solid Nickel-Silver Trigger Snap Hook
Handcrafted of of Solid Nickel-Silver
(German Silver, White Brass, Argentan, New Silver, Nickel brass, Albata, Alpacca, Electrum).
For your DIY Project or Wallet Chain, Key Chain, Key Hook or Key Fob.

Assembled and Polished by Hand.

Condition : New and Handcrafted
Material : Solid Nickel-Silver

Dimensions :
• Overall Length (Approx) : 4″ (10 Cm.)
• Trigger Snap Hook (Approx) : Length 6 Cm. (2 6/16″) Width 3 Cm. (1 1/4″)
• Weight : 34 Grams or 1.2 Oz.(Approx)

Nickel-silver also known as German silver, Argentan,
New silver, Nickel brass, Albata, Alpacca, or electrum
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